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Defining Newly the Traditional Dental Surgery

Laser surgery is being used since 1990 to cure the dental problems though in recent times it has paced up. Laser treatment is much safe and effective way to cure your dental issues. Laser dentistry process is used in several issues such as gum lifting, shaping or removing the cavity etc. Yellow teeth are big problem and laser technology is used effectively in whitening the teeth.

How Chatswood Family Dental Care Use the Laser Technology in an Effective Way

At Chatswood Family Dental Care we always use the best and effective way to give the patients treatment. We are using successfully the laser dentistry for a number of years. Laser dentistry comes with number of benefits and thus patients are keener on applying this technique than the traditional ones.

Know the Types of Laser That You Need

Mostly two types of laser process are being approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) such as Hard Tissue Lasers and Soft Tissue Lasers for the various dental treatments of adults and children.

Hard tissue Lasers: A highly absorbable wavelength is being used that helps to cut through the tooth structure. It is only used when one has to cut the bone teeth or have to give it a shape. In addition, the process is also used for detecting the cavities, filling the teeth or treating the tooth sensitivity.

Soft Tissue Lasers: A highly absorbable wavelength by water and haemoglobin are being used in order to manage the soft tissues of teeth. The soft tissue laser process is being used mostly in order to bacteria killing or for treating a tissue to re growth. It is much effective technique than of fibre optic. Due the sealing of blood vessels and nerve ends people don’t used to feel any pain in the post operative period. Crown Lengthening, Gummy Smile, Muscle Attachments are some of the case where the soft tissue process is being used.

Benefits of Laser dentistry

  • No need of stiches
  • No anaesthesia
  • No Bleeding
  • No infection
  • No other healthy tissues harmed
  • Faster healing of wounds