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Chatswood Family Dental Care
Chatswood Family Dental Care

It’s both an exciting time and a worrying time to be a Dentist. New technologies and techniques enable us to look after our patients better than ever. On the other hand I worry about the number of dental practices owned by large corporations and overseas based entities whose only interest is making a profit. At Chatswood Family Dental Care I believe that my patients deserve the best.

  • Chatswood Family Dental Care is a non-corporate small and friendly Dental practice where you will be treated by me, Dr Richard Mumford, raised locally, Australian trained and with over 30 years’ experience, not by a different inexperienced Dentist each visit as can happen at the large impersonal practices.
  • Our fees are very low and reasonable but I am sorry we are not the cheapest around because we do not cut corners.
  • We appreciate that coming to the Dentist is not fun for most people, so we have a friendly and often light hearted approach to help ease tension.
  • All our materials are of top quality and all our dental appliances are made in Australia (not cheaply made overseas as with many other Dentists).
  • We have a beautiful state of the art new surgery with the best of everything.
  • Not only do we use an autoclave for sterilisation, but we go beyond that by following Australian Standard 4815 for sterilisation. That means we do things such as rigidly test our equipment daily and have code tracking of surgical instruments. Our sterilisation area is open so that you can see our level of hygiene. There are many other small practices with limited facilities that simply cannot comply.
  • Our patients can expect the best outcomes with their implant and orthodontic treatment because we utilise the skills of specialists with many years training in those fields. Unfortunately at the moment there are numerous one and two day courses in those fields and many dentists are doing those and then stating on their web sites that they do Implants, Invisalign and other treatments that they are not properly trained for.
  • Direct claiming from all private health funds