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Chatswood Family Dental Care Philosophy

We aim to achieve Smiles that will last a lifetime with emphasis on preserving the natural.

Our philosophy at Chatswood Family Dental Care….

  • The patient comes first
  • We take no short cuts with sterilisation, complying with the strict Australian standard 4815 and verify all equipment daily.
  • Wherever we can, we practice “minimum intervention Dentistry” to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible
  • We do all we can to make procedures as pleasant and pain-free as possible
  • We only use white fillings
  • We allocate longer-than-average appointment times so as to provide a high standard of personal attention in order to avoid rushed appointments and a production line mentality.
  • Wherever possible we will give patients a choice of all reasonable options.
  • We only use the finest materials and the best local technicians (unlike many local Dentists who send their work to cheap offshore laboratories)
  • We are more interested in the long term care of our patients rather than short term profit making.
  • We are a small personal practice and will remain so in order to provide our patients with the highest possible standards of care.
  • Unlike a number of other Chatswood dental practices we are not owned by a corporation or corporate health fund so you will always be treated by the same experienced Australian trained Dentist.
  • We believe in using the latest technology where it benefits the patients care but not where its main purpose is to justify higher costs to the patients
  • We believe in an honest approach at all times. Our patients will never be subjected to pressure selling techniques.
  • We try and make our fees as reasonable as possible without sacrificing the quality of our treatment
  • Where it benefits the patient we have a team of highly regarded specialists that we work closely with.